A Quick Memoir

My journey began at a very young age when I found myself following design instructions to build toy cars, K'NEX™ robots and ferris wheels using AC motors. I was generally a curious kid and would keep nagging my mom (rip) to explain how the microwave heated food up, or how the fridge got cold. Internet was not a thing back then, so access to information was limited. I would live with the questions in my head until at some point, my dad, who was a tech enthusiast, got our first computer. A powerful Intel Pentium III Windows 98 PC. Cool thing is this behemoth of metal could swallow certain circular contraptions that contained around ~500 MB of data, information equivalent to a sea of knowledge back then. So we got some wonderful encyclopedias, for example the famous Microsoft Encarta and How Do Things Work? . Lo & behold! my questions were getting a lot more complex.

Give or take a few years and I found myself attending my state's University Faculty of Engineering. Where my grandfather, a retired metallurgical engineer, gave classes at some point in his life. At this prestigious university I earned my Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. Even though my major was civil engineering, my passion was always programming. I always found joy in automating the mundane actions of our day to day. I decided – armed with courage – to take a step in that direction. I didn't really have many options. So I jumped into a plane with $700 in my right pocket and some half empty bags.


Like 99 percent of immigrants – life was tough. Reality hit me real fast when I could barely afford to appease my basal metabolic rate.

to be continued